Monday, May 18, 2015


Clarification is a good thing! 
about the topic, “Submissive – Dominate Intimacy” Couples Role Playing

I often present somewhat controversial subjects on my profile page; such as the current offering on “submissive/dominant” sexual intimacy. Whatever subject I share, I always try to present all subjects in as unbiased manner as possible. Therefore, sometimes I’m sure some people may think my life must be pretty weird or kinky. The truth is, I am a free spirited person, but I actually live a very simple, ordinary lifestyle. However, I strive to share subjects which I hope are going to make people think beyond what they already know from personal experience. I try to present topics which are interesting, stimulating, & informative. Therefore, so far I have shared a wide range of topics; from the practical, science, fun, funny, & even supernatural phenomenon.
Now getting back to my current topic, I think it is very important to mention at I realize there’s always a huge risk of misconception or misunderstanding with controversial topics that I present online. So I want to clarify a couple things about this month’s current topic because of the intimate nature of it. It is important that you realize I DO NOT, support any practice or behavior, which is physically or emotionally harmful to anyone.

The current subject “Submissive – Dominant Intimacy” is about sexual role playing between consenting adult partners, it is sensual sex play which does no harm; it is for the purpose of stimulating healthy passion & excitement usually in long-term relationships. Healthy, consensual, sex play or role playing, between couples often helps to keep things fresh, which encourages ongoing desire between partners. It is extremely important to maintain sexual intimacy between partners of any age. Because human touch & emotional acceptance is as important to human health as is food, water & sleep.

What is “Submissive – Dominant” couples role playing?
1.)    It is ‘Not’ “Sadomasochism,” Sadomasochism is a practice which involves potentially dangerous behaviors such as: physical beatings, gagging, choking, touchier, forced sexual situations & practices which cause extreme emotional humiliation to a partner. Also, heavy bondage & restraint equipment is used, with which a person is unable to free them self on their own.
2.)    Submissive – Dominant role-play, is a situation means one person is in charge & the other surrenders to their instruction. Usually,  partners use costume such as sexy lingerie such as bustiers, & thongs etc, is set in a special, sexy room at home, or somewhere new, & (per agreement between partners) may use blindfolds, masks, “soft restraints” (such as cloth ties) sexual toys, (such as ticklers, soft paddles, fur cuffs, vibrators etc) whatever is comfortable for both partners. A partner is never restrained in such a way they cannot get free if needed. The intensity of interaction is always seductive, exploitative, teasing, pleasing & never harms or frightens. There is always a “safe word” which means STOP NOW; the reason for this is because sexual verbalization can often be confusing in the heat of passion.
3.)    The Dominate partner gives verbal/non-verbal direction & asserts what I refer to it as “compassionate control,” this requires being in tune with their partner’s comfort level/needs. The Submissive partner maintains an attitude of surrender during their entire intimate encounter. Both roles requires being in tune with your partner. This is why S & D, works best with committed or long term relationships.

4.)    It is not unusual for couples to switch who is the dominant from time to time.

Many couples participate in some version of sensual play, it is part of healthy interaction between them, it keeps things fresh & even often improves a couples ability to communicate more openly & honestly with each other. The key is trying new things sexually, which both partners are comfortable with & this of course, requires open verbal communication. Sensual play usually starts before entering the bedroom, it isn't just "sexual" in nature, but it is intimacy. Sharing quiet, private moments, cuddling on the sofa to watch a movie, laughing & talking about interests, a touch or hug in passing, cooking together, loving words spoken over the phone on a lunch break & never, forget to say "I love you," it doesn't always have to be in words, but those words are very important! These exchanges are the things which prepare the mind for more deeply intimate interaction later.

Statistics show that couples with an open intimate relationship, tend to remain monogamous & in long-term relationships.

If you have any questions about the current topic, please feel free to ask me! Also, please comment, your input on this subject is important. Thank you! 
Dolly S.J. Piper