"I am covered by grace, anointed, and my life is truly blessed beyond measure. Therefore, I walk with confidence, move with power and miracles pave my pathway!" 

To know one's self, is the beginning of wisdom.

By, Dolly Piper

      My statement above does not mean that I am a perfect person, nor is my life stain free. Nope, not even by a stretch am I anywhere near perfect! But, being "covered by grace" is not about being perfect, grace is not even given to perfect people. For (if there were such a thing), a "perfect person" has no need for grace! 


Is about accepting (at a spiritual level), unconditional love and forgiveness for myself and others in life, in spite of human flaw or failure. Grace is also about keeping hope, having peace, faith, being a faithful and loving person. Grace is setting my heart and desire to doing the right thing, yet as a human being I know I will sometimes fail to do the right thing. Nevertheless, my character (intent) is set, to love and to do no harm to others, to defend and uphold rightness.
"...and wherever my human failure abounds, grace also abounds, even to a greater degree!" N.I.V.B. Romans 5:20 - 21 
     So, being granted grace is about my recognising my own imperfection, and still having the confidence and understanding that my own failure is not counted against me. Neither is my constant "goodness" a requirement to give or receive love. Grace means that I am loved beyond measure and human understanding, in spite of myself. I am humbled by this knowledge of grace to the point that I can only stand in overwhelming awe and thankfulness for this love, forgiveness and the abundant life which has been granted to me. It is this state of grace I know, which paves my way with with confidence, power and great miracles!


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Although, I do not follow a particular "organized religion", I am a very spiritual person. It is my belief that each of us is here for our own unique purpose. We all have something important to contribute to our environment and the world. Those who live in peace with joy, are those who have learned how to merge with their environment, community, and the world; working as a unit, they fulfilling their own purpose, yet lovingly serving all.
Giving to Others, Without any Expectations


This blog is about my personal expression of all that inspires me. You can expect a sometimes offbeat & maybe even strange presentation of my creative expressions here. But, I make no excuses for anything as it is all my artistic view of things I think and feel from my perspective

My Life Journey, as told through my Artwork, Poetry & Other Creative Expressions... Blog Entries are presented in "personal journal" form. However, other pages, are presented in a form which enhances the content of each.

If you could look inside of me to see the essence of who I am; you would find a woman who is in spirit much like Joan of Arc. Life for me is an adventure, which thus far I have lived with the same commitment & zeal as Joan pursuing her holy quest. However, don't make the mistake of thinking I am a religious person, because I am not! I do not follow any organized religion. Nevertheless, I am a very spiritual person. Therefore, I highly value life above all else, not just my own life, but all life! Although my adventure quest is not about religion, I love all that is in this world & I love my way of life, to the point that I guess you could say I have been willing to lay down my own life to preserve it! 

Here, I will share my 'life path' past, present, and future as it unfolds; by telling my story mostly through my Artistic Expressions: Poetry, Short Stories, Photography, Graphics, Paintings, Sketches, Cartooning, Videos, & even Cooking... or whatever the heck I come up with as the mood strikes me. Sometimes, I will share my interests such as studies and things that matter to me, whatever things have inspired my expressive works.
    As for the things which inspire me; I draw on many resources. Scientific research, such as space exploration, and other educational topics, my environment, places I have traveled & some of my personal life experiences (delightful & tragic). Many of my life experiences have a very rich spiritual context to them, so this influences my works greatly. Therefore, be ready to view a wide range of expression & style within my artistic works, writing & other expressions.

Understanding the Artist... 

Any content in regard to my personal “spiritual beliefs” will be brief and only for the purpose of giving my blog visitors a greater insight into who I am as a person, which gives reason to some of my artistic expressions & creative writing. "Understand the Artist, and you will understand what their work is saying." Yes? Nevertheless, know this up front, I do not practice any organized religion. Therefore, if you are a “fundamentally religious" person & not open minded, you may be shocked or offended by some of Artistic Works...

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    This is a very good introduction covering all of what you will be posting here, and I for one hope that your journey is filled with excitement, of varying wickedness (good wicked is my meaning) and creativity that will astound everyone that happens across your realm. Have a wonderful rest of Tuesday and enjoy everything, I always do :)


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  3. Hi Dolly! I am so excited to explore your blog. Amazed at the similar interests and philosophies we share. But not surprised at all that we met because this has been the way of my walk. I am eager to look at your art!

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