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Art in Motion

Read about this "New Style of Animation" below this first piece of Artwork 

These are not what they seem, they are not a true GIF animation. Although this style of animation uses the same program format to animate frames, these are a much higher resolution then a regular gif. With my newest animation technique, there is not as great of a "image quality" loss; even when using multiple effects on your images... You can also use fewer frames, and achieve a maximum amount of movement in your completed animation... The really good news is, it's actually quite simple to do!
How this is done
You must work with higher resolution images in your Photo shop (PNG, 300 - 600 pix), I built each frame (12 of them) with "Microsoft Digital, in Corel to do all my frame effects (only using 3 final frames in this). The difference in achieving higher quality of final artwork is that transparent layers are created for each effect, then those are added to a number of the original photographic artwork. Thereby, creating many small movements per animation frame, instead of one movement per frame (so fewer final frames). The biggest asset to using transparent layers for effects, is "high quality" very little grain in your final product. In addition, the transparent layers add depth, giving a more realistic quality to your animation.

Then the way you save your final work that makes all the difference, it is not saved as a GIF, instead it is saved as a "PNG". However, the program will designate your saved animation file as a "GIF" but it will save at a higher resolution "300 pixels per inch". Be sure to set a background in your gif animator in "animation properties" in the darkest color within your artwork background. This will give you a clean edge with no white on the outside edge of your animation. Also set Foreground & background in "frame properties" to maintain depth. (lite fore, dark back). Be sure to add your "image comment" & animation comment" this is your protection against the piracy of your work! Now here's the biggie... When you save, save it as a .PNG (not GIF)... YOUR WORK CANNOT BE OPENED IN INDIVIDUAL FRAME MODE, NO WATERMARK REQUIRED! Absolutely, no one can open your GIF in frames, because standard animation programs do not recognize it! Therefore, your work cannot be altered by someone else. IMPORTANT NOTE, make sure you save a set of your unanimated frames, because YOU, will not be able to re-open your completed work for edit either!

REMEMBER YOU ARE AN ARTIST, so respect your work, be proud of your work, sign your work! People really want to know who did the "Artwork."

My Cinderella 

As a child I read Fairy Tales Published by, "Little Golden Books"
This animated art, is from my memory of Little Golden Books version of Cinderella illustration. This Cinderella is my all-time favorite artwork of this fairy tale character

My Venus


Natures Spirits ~ Sprite's Love Song

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  1. These are fantastic, I especially like
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