Friday, January 15, 2021

SPIRITUAL GROWTH GUIDE: for Ascension Preparation & Expansion

😇  First, a Spiritual, (prophetic) Message for Today:

IT IS A NEW WORLD NOW, one that's intended to be governed by divine knowledge and wisdom. for... The floodgates of knowledge have been opened. And the time has come, that the struggle to understand shall be over, the blindfold has been lifted off. Therefore, let that which has been hidden, now be received with greater ease.

📚 Now, Today's Enlightenment Lession, 

The FUNDAMENTALS of PERSONAL SPIRITUAL GROWTH An enlightenment process for Ascension Preparation & Expansion

Today I would like to address the basic pricipals which facilitate spiritual growth & ascension, through developing our "FUNDAMENTAL STATE OF BEING" which simply put is the Attitude of Mind, Heart/Soul & Spirit/Lifeforce energies. 

This is the "state of our overall wholeness/wellness of being." 

Our state of being is what governs/dictates how we approach & interact with others & life in general.

I will begin by emphasizing, Forgiveness, which I believe is "The Key Principal" in regard to ficilitating (or excellerating) spiritual development & assention into our higher states of being. 


Is the doorway to enlightenment & wholeness: that is Recieving forgiveness for ourself, enables our ability to also forgive others.

FORGIVENESS begins like all areas of higher spiritual learning, through the inner healing of ourself. 

Because, in order to be able to help others in any area, we must learn through becoming whole in that area first for ourselves.

So, we must begin by forgiving ourself for not being perfect. In this, one becomes able to accept & love one's self "as is today," in order to feel confident enough to allow for growth & change tomorrow. 

For, through forgiving ourself for our own imperfections, we are inabled to understand that, 

"human perfection 'Is Not' required to be worthy of receiving love for ourself as is today," 

Therefore this also 'enables' us to give love without expecting perfection from others as well.


FORGIVENESS of SELF & OTHERS, IS also, THE FIRST GIANT STEP onto THE PATH OF ACHIEVING LOVE, PEACE, HAPPINESS and WHOLENESS (or Serenity) IN LIFE. This means, achieving a balance or harmony between Body/Mind, Soul and Spirit.

Here forward this is what leads us toward true inner peace, happiness, unconditional love and respect/or appreciation for self, others and for life it's-self as a whole. Creating a "Stability of Being," resolving inner conflict with the duality of self, is "SERENITY".

The result of practicing these Sacred  Principals is, that we start living "inside of serenity," by developing this, "a more selfless mind set."  

Therefore, we begin living life more abundantly on earth as well as in spirit. This is because, when we realign our attitude of being; we are no longer obsessed with the "I want" of humanness or the physical worldliness. Needs are met and that 'is enough', and "I am enough" for become satisfied/full; therefore self is set free to rise and abide on a higher spiritual plane. This 'is' the process of assention...

ASSENTION is about spiritual growth; achieving a higher level of spiritual maturity. This means moving away from a self-centered (humanistic, ego driven) lifestyle. It is by gaining more spiritual knowledge & wisdom/understanding, that we mature emotionally & spiritually, which causes us to "Ascend/level-up" to a higher level spiritual plane.

In simple terms, we are here Learning to Live & Love Divinley in this physical world, as we learn & mature in the spiritual realm.

Now, Let's Move Forward To

*The Foundation for Achieving our "Higher Self" is tied to learning, understanding & practicing the following basic, "fundamental principles" of human, spiritual growth.


because we never stop learning as long as we remain open, the following Principals should be considered

"The Infinite Loop" as each principal, builds upon & supports the development & expansion of the next & all others infinitely ascending to a higher level...

1. Hunger for Knowledge & Understanding/Wisdom-seeking

(which leads to)

2. Awe of Life Force/Creator & all creation it's-self, (which leads to)

3. Gratefulness, (which leads to)

4. Humbleness, (which leads to)

5. Respect (which leads to)

6. Forgiveness & Kindness (leads to) 

7.Compassion & Mercy (which leads to) 

8. Acceptance & Peace (which leads to)

9. Contentment.& Happiness (leads to)

10. Well-being/Wholeness 

(all envoke the expression of)

11. Unconditional Love 

(which manifests a state of)

12. Selflessness/Serene living

*As one spiritually progresses, the order of these principals in practice, does not have to remain rigid in approach. As the need for growth & understanding in certain areas varies over time, & per individual.

     However, for maintaining a healthy, well balanced life, it is a good to regularly check for areas of need for growth progress in all areas. 

And this is most easily done through:

*Reflection while in a prayerful, meditative state by:

*Focusing on each of the 12 Principals (in order). 

*Pausing on each, to reflect/focus on your STATE of BEING

*To consider: your daily, general mind set/thoughts, routine behaviors, characteristics/choices, likes, dislikes, & feelings, interaction with others; all of which indicates your true "Spiritual Attitude" = State Of Being: Mind/Heart/Soul.


Regularly doing an Internal check by focusing on each of the "12 fundamental growth principles" (one at a time in the order listed above) Insures maintaining one's Spiritual & Emotional stability, it also insures ongoing, continued, growth/progress.

As you can see,
This "State of Being Attitude" Check, works similar to the way we check, maintain & balance our Chakra Energies during meditation. 🌱
Article & Guide by, 
Clair-Empathic Rem. Lightworker,
Sandra J. Piper Life-Coach RN-PA, MS-LCSW Therapist
Author of: 
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Article by,
Clair-Empathic Rem. Lightworker,
Sandra J. Piper Life-Coach RN-PA, MS-LCSW Therapist
Author of: 
Self Help & Healing Guides 
*C.E.O of Steam Trunk Publications™ 
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