Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Journey begins here

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    Life is a journey for all of us, and life does not come with a map showing us which direction to go. We are all travelers who must find our way one step at a time. Sometimes there are signs which guide us on our path; but they can often be easily missed. Therefore, I have always considered life to be a somewhat mysterious adventure. I have had many struggles to survive in life, and I have met many seemingly insurmountable challenges in my life. However, those challenges for me have been nothing but mountains for me to climb; and when I reached the pinnacle of each challenge, I have planted my flag of victory every time.
    To say the least, some of my life trials and experiences have left me dumbfounded at times. Some of my life experiences have even left me permanently scared to a degree. However, I am the kind of person who believes in keeping a forward momentum; not looking back with any regret. For it is my philosophy to carry with me the best of the past and try to gain wisdom from even my worst life experiences. Life its-self is often the best teacher, when we are ready to learn from it.

WAS THAT AN ANGEL, OR WHAT? Spirituality as opposed to religion
    I have my own personal views as far as the spiritual world. Although I became an ordained minister in 1987, now; organized religion is no longer a part of my life; mainly because of the conflict between organized religion, science, and the truth about spirituality in general. Nevertheless, I live a life full of rich spiritual experiences.
    My background in regard to the spiritual is, I was raised by a mom who had very traditional Christian beliefs. However, my mom also had some not so traditional spiritual beliefs, abilities and experiences in her life, as did I. Therefore, I grew up accepting traditional religious views, but also supernatural activity as being a "normal" part of life. Generally, most of my family on my mom's side attended church. Therefore, until I was old enough to make my own life-style choices, "Sunday school" was a regular part of my life.
    What really turned me off to organized religion in general are three things;
        #1. When I studied Biblical Theology, I also studied the Hebrew and Greek languages so that I could read bible text originally written in those languages (most of the bible was written in those two languages). There are original bible texts written in two more languages now considered to be “dead languages”, however those are not available for study purposes. My point here is, that I found the most commonly used versions of English language bibles, have too many inaccuracies in their interpretation of the original texts. There are two main reasons for this, but I am not going into this as I do not want to bore anyone.
       #2. The deeper I affiliated with religious groups (churches); the more it became clear to me that generally they are just another version of politics… A way of controlling groups of people, by lauding the power of a “chosen few” over those groups… The problem here being that the decisions made by those “chosen few” (some being very corrupt); rarely had anything to do with true holiness and spirituality! Therefore, during my somewhat short stint as a “Pastor”, not only did I become disillusioned with “church life”, but I also observed too much injustice committed against other individuals whose spirituality and faith was nearly destroyed by this. Therefore, that eventually became the end of organized religion for me!
       #3. Finally in this matter, a very important reason I left organized religion; is the religious system as a whole was often in conflict with the spiritual principals I know to be true, because of my own personal life experiences. I learned fairly quickly why this is true; “spiritual” in religion means “lack of human control”, it also means a loss of  “human deification” in other words, no more glorification of human church leadership”. After all, the spiritual minded person realizes that human beings are “not immortal”, therefore if we recognize that even “religious leaders” cannot become gods, they have lost their authority to “rule” over us! So, that’s the end of that!

NOW MY SPIRIT CAN BREATHE! Finding my life path... seeking wisdom
    I must first say before moving forward in this section; that just because I am finished with being a part of religious sects, this does not mean that I completely reject ancient spiritual and historical documents.
    As I mentioned above in this section, I have lived a life full of rich spiritual experiences. In addition, in my life as it is now I have gained a deep, unmovable, sense of peace, and find great joy in living my life. I live life with an unshakable faith and a positive outlook for the future ahead of me. I have confidence that I am a being whose best is eternal; and as long as this body lives I know that I am covered by the unseen canopy of divine, unconditional love, which is grace.
    Those who know me personally know that I love to study the Natural and Metaphysical Sciences. The focus of my continuing to research of the previously stated topics is to learn more about the world around me for the purpose of personal growth. In addition, world history is another favorite subject. Having stated my lifestyle here; brings me to the following point…
    Fact and truth are always the foundation for my lifestyle choices and my spiritual beliefs. In my opinion, knowledge, (fact and truth) alone is ‘not’ power. Instead, it is wisdom which gives us “personal power”; not power over other human beings, but the power to make the most effective, productive choices in ones own life. As far as I am concerned, it is wisdom, which brings a balance into ones own life; balance brings peace and joy into living. Nevertheless, a person would be a fool to think that wisdom can be had without an education. Education does not have to be formal per say, providing the information one learns draws on proven facts.
    Even spirituality must be based on the physics of our universe or it makes no sense, it has no foundation. Even the original biblical texts and many other religious texts state that “God/the Creator is a god of order…” (New American Standard Bible Hebrews 11:3) interestingly enough this text section also states “the order of what is visible has it’s origin in that which is invisible”; (the last portion of this text lends credence to my statement in regard to spiritual beliefs). Science has now proven that our universe does have a definite order. For example, science has proven what is called, the “Golden Ratio”, that is the proof that our entire universe has a consistent order and form. This Golden Ratio order can clearly be seen in the basic shape of flowers, tree trunks, seashells, crystals, molecular structure, our universe, and galaxy shape. Some religious scientist, believe the Golden Ratio proves a form of “Creationism”. However, I do not; I think those scientists are barking up the wrong avenue of science.


EXPRESS MYSELF, well I certainly do, any way I can! Sometimes it seems strange even to me, the things which inspire me; it could be anything from a tiny nail head sized flower to papers & cans in a gutter. I have even been inspired by a sound or a single word.
    ART MATERIALS ~ Of course I use all standard art supplies for painting, sculpting & such; but those who know me well are not surprised about my trips to the dump, junk yards, hardware stores & so on...
Currently, I am focused on Digital Graphics & Animated Arts (sometimes building computer  programs so that I can create what is in my head).


  1. Dear Dolly, I am looking forward to following your journey.. and our paths although very different followed a similar route.. :-) All roads lead home... :-) Have a great weekend..
    Sue xx

    1. TYVM, dear gal-pal! I just updated this page today & I am about ready to start posting my artwork & poetry (~8 As you know there's a lot to setting-up a nice blog (~8 (in fact I want to tweek the look of mine a bit, this was kind of a quick build while traveling. TYVM for checking in & taking the time to post! XO

  2. I agree with you Dolly, my path took me along from Church of England, then the Methodists Chapel embracing the Bible study groups in my teens... My path then took me to the Spiritualists Church's and this made so much more sense than a judgemental God.. But I have now stepped away even from that, as often is the case within any organisations, the power struggles clashed, and just because you go to a 'Church' doesn't necessarily follow that you are a spiritual person.. In fact quite the opposite in some cases I found..
    I have loved reading your update here today Dolly.. Looking forward to seeing more posts soon.. Love Sue

    1. Yes Sue, we are not just like minded, I think we are spiritually unified in direction. not such a surprize to me (~8 I sensed that since we first made contact... I love what you said about truth & wisdom seekers "all paths lead home" & there we will grasp hands in eternity... sometimes kinship begins before we meet in body (~8 truth & true wisdom is consistant & universal.

  3. Religion and Science have coincidence..... Coin is one but have two faces.... Both of sides we need to create a healthy lifestyle and ultimate faith and freedom and love...I am born in a Hindu family and practices Hindu deity.... But I can cultivate a vision beyond the religious sculptors..... Thanks for sharing your visions dear Doly....

    1. Thank you for your comment C. K.! I am a very spiritual person, but no longer practice an organized religion. I have never mixed science or educational topics with religion, But I can say that science has given me a greater understanding & appreciation of spiritual matters & myself. I don't usually discuss religion on my blog, because it is a very private issue & up to every individual what they believe in. I live a happy, peaceful, fulfilled life & judge no one. I believe in loving & accepting people for who they are. Have a wonderful new year 2015

  4. Awesome Dolly. I have a similar background and (i am shaking my head in sheer disbelief) had the same experience with my Mother. She was raised Catholic but had a personal life changing vision as a young woman. We were raised Baptist but went through various church "breakups" and she always taught us to be free thinkers while understanding a greater power was at work in our lives. I am still discovering what Spirit means to me and it is quite an adventure. The one absolute for me is that all that exists is connected.

    1. Hello dearest Cheryl!
      First I want to apologise for this very late reply (I don't seem to get most notifications from this blog). Thank you so much for visiting & commenting!
      I absolutely agree to your statement "all that exists is connected". I have posted a couple articles here, on this concept. I think you may enjoy reading the following: start with my post here>
      THIS INCLUDES Other links, which will lead you to other blog pages on how we are interconnected (energy & spiritually) our "Universal connection" (UCF)