Thursday, April 23, 2015


A "Tribute Poem" to my love, following this article

Tea & Petit Fours "On Chantilly Lace"

People who know me well, know that I live with a disabling illness, which makes my immune system very sensitive. Today I woke up feeling so bad I couldn't get out of bed. I was suffering with terrible bout of hay fever. Much to my delight Mick showed up with lots of love & adoration; he brought me a box of my favorite French Petit Fours & my favorite tea. Mick kissed me on the cheek & told me I was beautiful, I knew he really meant it too, when he stood up he pulled his phone out of his pocket & took my picture, LOL! 
     Mick always seems to see me through the eyes of his love! Because of this amazing man's love & affection, my life is filled to the brim with happiness. I truly am blessed beyond measure! It is because of him that I have the confidence to share the following with you... Mick's photo of me, "NOT at my best!" So, excuse the puffy eyes, no makeup, hair a mess, & my PJ's,... (it's all for the arts & the love of my muse) by the way, don't expect to see many photos of me like this, LOL!
    When a woman feels less then able to meet life head on, & her love sees her only as beautiful; she needs nothing more to bring her bouncing back to her confident best self. When someone is down, a sincere expression of love is always the best boost for one's hope & confidence.

The Poem below is dedicated to the man I love ~ (This photo of me was taken by Mick Manning)

On Chantilly Lace

Today he brought me tea and Petit Fours,
Then bending down, he whispered in my ear,
Saying, “You’re so beautiful today my dear;”
As I sat up in bed pushing back, my untidy hair,
With a blush and shy smile, my eyes began to tear,
I think that, “This man’s love... it truly is so rare;”
His love's like Chantilly lace, is precious and so fair,
Nothing do I cherish more then, this love we share,
Thought of life without him, is more then I can bear.

Poetry by, Dolly S.J. Piper 2015© 
Photography by, Michael, "Mick" Manning©
~ Steam Trunk Publications™ ~


  1. Awesome. That is such a perfect thing he did for you. Your words are beautiful. And, I might add, if this is you in a bad day, you have nothing to worry anout. That's a great photo! Be well..

  2. You are beautiful as is your words, which makes you even more so.

    1. Thank you Harold, you're very sweet! (honestly, I don't know how I missed this comment, LOL!)

  3. I wrote a meaningful comment here prior to this one but it was lost. T be honest I can't recall everything that I wrote but the main focus was that I like this piece of poetry that you have written very much :)

    Andro x

    1. Thank you my dear Andro, I am glad you like this!
      Hah, I have lost comments so many times I cannot count! (especially on Google).