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Increase Your Level of Productivity & Creative Energy

Alpha State Meditation for Relaxation


Afternoon "Meditation for relaxation" in "Alpha state." This leads you to your Circle of Light, mid-afternoon. This practice will reduce your need for long hours of sleep each day (24 hours). This also increases your evening energy level; as you are also aligning Chakra energies on your way into Alpha state. Therefore you attain the "Ideal energy state" for "Circle of Light" experience.

Alpha state is: Alpha waves are a type of brain wave that occur when a person is relaxed, but still awake. Alpha waves typically occur when you are falling asleep, as you pass from wakefulness into sleep (from wake into stage 1 sleep). However, when you are meditating you are suspending at that level, not allowing yourself to actually going into sleep. Some people may refer to this as a "Power Nap". Though, this is "not a sleep replacement" many people find that their need for sleep reduces by 1 - 2 hours at first, & over time; many people have a decrease in needed sleep by as much as 4 hours each day. 
THE BENEFITS: A Higher level of Productivity & Creative Energy. The purpose for this is NOT so you can add more tasks to your day or work longer hours! 
EFFECTS: are #1. Give you the Very Best Quality of Life #2. Increase the Quality of your Productiveness during Working Hours #3. Increase your energy & enjoyment in Free time hours. Life Key for "Health, Balance & Happiness"
PEACE, LOVE, & LIGHT, Dolly (~8[{

ALPHA STATE MEDITATION ~ Learning the Process
This is an "Advanced Level Meditation," for Relaxation 
(for the beginner in "Basic Meditation" see links below A.S.M. instructional section)

INTRODUCTION ~ A.S.M. process requires an advanced understanding of & experience with meditation.
[1]A.S.M. begins much in the same way as [2]S.F.M. As it is, all meditation begins with a period of relaxing. However, as A.S.M. is focused on the “relaxing in its-self.” A.S.M. is for the purpose of achieving body and mind stress release for restoring full body and mind energies. Therefore, A.S.M. works much in the same way as getting a full night’s sleep. However, he difference between sleeping and A.S.M. is that one suspends their mind at the state prior to going into full sleep. In addition, there is a difference between A.S.M. for relaxation and the short relaxation period in preparation for S.F.M. The difference between the two, being that A.S.M. is a deeper form of relaxation, which lasts for an extended period (20 – 30 minutes), and ones mind is not allowed  to continue to ascend into a “spiritually seeking” level. Nevertheless, there have been times when I have allowed my mind to continue to ascend into a higher spiritual state; this of course is not disallowed!  In fact, I have found that when I do continue to a spiritually focused level from A.S.M. I have achieved a deeper spiritual experience. However, if one does not have the time required for a spiritual ascension because you need to return to work this is not advised.

A.S.M. works much in the same way as getting a full night’s sleep in a very short period of time. This form of meditation is focused on ultimate relaxation of ones body and mind, for the purpose of restoring body and mind energy to their fully rested state. Ideally A.S.M. is done mid-day, this will increase ones levels physical strength, creativity, and productivity to their maximum ideal capacity. With A.S.M. the goal for its benefits is preventing body and mind exhaustion during our most active period of the day. Therefore, ones quality of life becomes much greater. Better quality of life, results in overall spiritual, mental and physical health. In addition, A.S.M. helps one to maintain a life balance. In addition, you will increase strength to command your spiritual, mental, & physical being. Therefore, as a result one may extend ones physical life. NOTE: A.S.M. is one of the main [3]Life Keys.

BEGINNERS, be sure to have a small alarm near by (a simple beep is fine), set it for 20 minutes. In the beginning of learning A.S.M. relaxation, it is common to fall asleep; until you have learned where your relaxation to sleep threshold is located. Do not be concerned if you should fall asleep, you will not be able to go into a deep sleep because your alarm will wake you.
   Ideally, allow 30 minutes from begin & complete of A.S.M. meditation. If you are at work, ideally you are allowed a 1 hour lunch beak, so that you can eat following you A.S.M. relaxation. One should not eat prior to A.S.M. although juice & water is good. This is because, during A.S.M. meditation, your digestion process will slow down, similar to when you’re sleeping. Therefore, a meal in your stomach could cause stomach distress later. Also, digestion requires a high use of energy so your body would be unable to fully relax.

1.) CLOTHING – (When at home), nudity is good for this process. Otherwise, wear very loose, comfortable clothing such as an ‘unbelted’ Caftan or robe (no underwear with elastic, wiring or corded ties that bind). When at work wear as comfortable of clothing as possible, removing shoes, jackets & hats as they tend to restrict the body & become distracting.
2.) ENVIRONMENT – No phones/cell phones, pagers, computers, doorbells, pets, children or people who require immediate care & attention. BEST SETTING: Choose a peaceful/quiet, secure setting, slightly dim lighting is preferable (closed blinds/curtains). If you are in an outdoor setting you should be in a covered or shaded area. If in a somewhat public area; try to choose a secure space, which is generally free of foot traffic, without distracting noise & activity such as construction or high street traffic. (Music & Headphones are not advised). Remember, although you will not be sleeping you should be in a place which you could be comfortable sleeping.

FOR THOSE EXPERIENCED IN MEDITATION – (The process of basic meditation is not covered here).
1.)    Begin with closed eyes mental image focused meditation process.
2.)    As you progress you are doing a quick alignment check of your Chakra center (red to blue) carrying your [4]focus point with you through each level up into blue Chakra level. *See Chakra System illustrated function below footnotes
3.)    Providing you did not find any level out of balance continue to progress to blue making sure you pause & hold at blue
4.)    If you should need balance at one of your lower levels of energy, for now that level is where you will rest for today, this is where you will remain for approximately 10 minutes, staying on your focus point.
1.)    If you are at blue you are now within your full circle of light, this is where you will remain for approximately 10 – 12 minutes. Staying on your focal point.
2.)  Finally release your focus point, allowing yourself to return to fully environment aware.
3.)    Now, time to eat, socialize & return to work!

NOTE: The standard for this process is 30 minutes total time; approx. 7 – 10 minutes to prepare, get into rest state, 10 – 12 minutes in Alpha & the remainder of 30 minute period to return to environment aware state. 

[1] ABBREVIATION: “A.S.M.” Alpha State Meditation (is a meditation for achieving relaxation).
[2] ABBREVIATION: “S.F.M.”  Spiritual Focus Meditation (is a meditation which is focused on getting in touch with your spiritual self.
[3] DEFINITION: Life Key, an aid to obtaining positive life attributes such as strength of character, divine knowledge & wisdom, achieving spontaneous body or mind healing, gaining spiritual or physical abilities etc.
[4]  DEFINITION: a “Focus Point” is a fixed mental image. Here this is used to control ones ability to prevent their mind from wandering or becoming distracted. In addition, in this case it assists one in maintaining a set direction toward ones meditative purpose, allowing one to sustain a semi-conscious state when reaching the desired level for meditation.

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