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The ULTIMATE CREATIVE FORCE (Metaphysical Science)

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Have you ever wondered what holds everything together?

    Human beings have the highest functioning brains of all living creatures on earth. Our brain has evolved to the point that we understand more about ourselves and the world around us. However, even with all of the advancement in science and other educational fields, human beings still seem to have many of the same dilemmas we have always faced. Our human nature still seems to ask the same questions such as, "What is the purpose of life?", "Where did we come from & why are we here on earth?" Why is it that we as human beings still have such a sense that there is more to ourselves then meets the eye. What is it about us that causes us to seem to have a need for faith, hope and even a drive toward worshiping something greater then ourselves? This leads to another question, "Why is it that only humans display these characteristics, desires, or needs?" One might think the answers might simply be "It's just because we have a higher functioning brain," or "It is just a part of world wide cultures passed from generation to generation." But, I believe there is much more to it then these. 
    In particular, because of the developments in Physics and medical science, especially in the past 25 years, we have discovered more about the function of all living creatures, this world, our universe and beyond. We now understand that there really is much more to everything than meets the eye. Especially with the advancement of scientific studies at a molecular level such as studies in regard to DNA and String Theory; we know now what complex beings we really are. We know that our body is made up of many parts and systems, including a complex energy system. We also know more about our body's ability to heal it's self, therefore the medical approach to healing has changed dramatically. Because of all of these scientific advancements of our generation, we are becoming more aware of how interconnected all things are, it is becoming much more clear to us now, then ever before, that system, upon, system, our world and all life in it is much more symbiotic in sustaining life then we realized. Hopefully, the following articles in regard to the "Ultimate Creative Force" may aid in answering some of those questions more clearly. The following articles will attempt to explain  UCF, the effect of  UCF on us as individuals and the world as a whole, how and why a unified symbiotic connection is made through UCF.

After writing my first article on "Ultimate Creative Force" (below) I found this video; not by chance I think, for it confirmed the knowledge I had been given through spirit.

This video explains Quantum Consciousness, science theory about the "soul/consciousness" of human beings
We  utilize UCF through our higher consciousness

UCF Article 1 [A]
It Is What It Is” The Theory of Ultimate Creative Force, shall be presented here from a non-religious and/or a non-theistic perspective.  

THE THEORY: [1] There is an Ultimate Creative Force (in short, “UCF”); is responsible for everything that exists. In addition, science has been in the process of proving and supporting this theory nearly since the beginning of science as we know it today. In particular, without giving name to it, scientific research has been proving the existence of UCF since the discovery of mathematical formulas which confirm universal Laws of Physics and String Theory [2] In addition this Creative Force seems to be innately within the very fiber of everything which exists, it is Quanta (except perhaps, A-biotic matter, or dead matter within our universe). Due to the fact that UCF conforms to or is perhaps the cause of our Laws of Physics, [4] UCF is made up of pure, infinite, energy [5] therefore it is rational to conclude that UCF governs all living matter within our plain of existence and perhaps all that is beyond our plain of existence as well (ie. other dimensions). Hence, this theory's tag the “Ultimate Creative Force," in short UCF Theory.
    Within the framework of presenting the concept of UCF, I will provide some scientific reference links and videos which support UCF theory.
Understanding & Defining UCF:  [A] Is UCF a living being? The simple answer to this question is “NO”, not in the sense that human beings define “a living being,” that would imply UCF to be god like. UCF should be instead examined from a scientific point of view. Therefore, it should be considered to be an infinite, eternal, elemental, force. Some of the properties of UCF is that this “infinitely existing,” an ever present force within our pain of existence, and is most likely a part of other dimensions as well. Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that UCF must exist outside of the boundaries of time; yet it also works within what we define as the "dimension of time." In addition, UCF adheres to or possibly creates all of our commonly known laws of physics. [B] Does UCF have consciousness? Scientifically speaking it is indeterminable as to whether or not UCF has a sense of consciousness, however it does not appear to have a sense of consciousness. Therefore, one would have to conclude that UCF has no intent, no motive, or agenda behind it’s natural behaviors. To put it in simple terms UCF is an energy source which exists in all matter, extending beyond a subatomic level, (see String Theory references) UCF appears to possibly be the energy source which binds all matter together.

MY HYPOTHESIS FOR “The Ultimate Creative Force” (UCF) being Infinite, Eternal, Inter-dimensional, & Ubiquitous by nature:
The nature of this Ultimate Force shall be defined here as being omnipotent, and omnipresent,  yet not being omniscient (which would imply a state of consciousness and intent & or agenda) yet in fact this force is responsible for creating everything living which exists  within our universe and beyond
(including mankind); however, perhaps not including non-living matter.
    Is this beginning to sound familiar? Of course, that would be understandable; because (loosely applied) one could say that UCF Theory very well could be the basis for all monotheistic religions. However, this is not what UCF is about at all. The difference between UCF and monotheistic religions is this [a] the theory of UCF, does not provide a doctrine as to how human beings should conduct their lives, because it is not a religion it is instead the concept of a physical elemental force (infinite energy). [b] Therefore, UCF can make no judgment in regard to the moral conduct of human beings nor does UCF demand adoration or worship because UCF is not a god. UCF is simply as its name implies “a force to be reckoned with.” Using videos and other scientific reference material I will present the supporting evidence for this theory; thereby also proving UCF Theory to be a fact based concept.

UCF Article 1 [B]
I am a LCSW with 30 years or more of experience in practical care in the mental health field. Therefore, when I consider the basic nature of human beings, it is my evaluation that religions have built entire theological doctrines around UCF because they did not understand what they were dealing with. Rational leads me to believe, that religions were chiefly formed because early in the formation of civilization, humans somehow recognized the actions and existence of UCF, but having limited knowledge, human beings could not comprehend it. Who can say what natural events took place which drove early humans to draw the conclusion that all these phenomena were somehow interconnected and that there was intent behind these events. Who can say why humans thought these phenomena must’ve been directed by some unseen being? Nevertheless, the concept of this mysterious unnamed force must have been so frightening and confusing that gods were created to reconcile the UCF in their minds. During the beginning of the development of religion, humans being so frightened and awestruck at the recognition of this powerful, seemingly uncontrollable force, that they probably thought it best to pay homage to it to avoid being struck down by it, therefore worship of the actions of UCF ensued through the worship of "gods".
    So then, why does religion still exist in the civilized world? Now that we humans have a greater understanding of nature & scientific concepts; why does religion still exist in the modern civilized world? I will address this issue in the following section.


(Psychological Coping Mechanisms)
Human beings are geared to survive
    It has been my observation that human beings are prone toward worshiping something; I have begun to suspect that there may be something in our genetic structure which may predispose human beings to have an innate desire to worship. There is genetic research which indicates that “Genetic Memory” may be a part of our DNA (this may also include other animal species). Therefore, after several thousand years of humans following theistic or religious practices, it is reasonable to conclude that we may be predisposed. Therefore, even in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence which indicates that UCF is not god/gods, it is very possible that science may never shake civilization free from their gods and religious beliefs.  SEE REFERENCES:
     As far as mental health issues are concerned, I have noticed over the years that those individuals, with a religious belief system in place, tend to recover from trauma and personal loss more quickly and effectively. These individuals also seem more adept at forgiving themselves and others, thereby moving forward with their lives in a positive, productive manner. So, what is the key factor in this process, simply it is the “hope” factor. Hope allows us as humans to get up, dust ourselves off, and continue our lives even when there seems to be no resolve to an issue at the present. People, who have no sense of hope left in life, are those people who commit suicide or just emotionally give up and lay down to die.
    Another factor in maintaining hope for the religious minded is their access to extended emotional support; for example: their church community, Pastors and such. Finally, another factor in maintaining hope; is an individuals confidence and/or self esteem.
So, is having a religious belief system & community in place the only way humans can maintain a sense of hope? No, absolutely not! However, in counseling individuals without a religious belief system or religious community in place, the approach to assisting them with finding resources for maintaining hope, and good self-esteem is somewhat different. Nevertheless, the same principals in recovering from loss and trauma remain the same.

UCF Article 1 [C] 
About upcoming related articles
     Following I will also present one or more articles in regard to how religious beliefs may relate to UCF Theory and “Other Dimensions” in regard to UCF. One of my coming articles will address such issues as Biblical documents which have raised some questions related to UCF. For example: In the Bible passage about “Moses encounter with the “Great I AM” & the fiery bush which was not consumed…” In this story, when Moses returned to his tribal encampment from Mt Sinai, it was reported that Moses face/body was glowing and his hair had turned white. This frightened his people so much, that Moses had to put a veil over his face until the glow faded away. So, what really did happen & whether or not the story its-self is true; how could a Documentarian in the time this passage was written, have come up with what is so accurately descriptive of what sounds like exposure to a highly charged electromagnetic field or possibly radioactive material?
SEE REFERENCE LINK for Mount Sinai, (which in Hebrew means “Mount Moses”)
Upcoming UCF Articles: (Each article will give reference links, links will open in a new window)

MAKING A CONNECTION WITH the ULTIMATE CREATIVE FORCE (The Use of UCF & The Benefits of Connecting With UCF in our daily lives)

1. Connecting with Self for a balanced life/Inner Peace & Personal Power:
"ABOUT MEDITATION" Beginner, mid-level, to advanced, 

2. Connecting with Others through UCF (Healthy Relationships)

3. Universal Connection Through UCF (World Unified)

WHOLE & HOLISTIC MEDICINE ~ Natural Healing Processes
Myofascial Release & Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage
(Relieving Chronic Pain, without Pharmaceuticals)



  1. Dear Dolly.. this is a profound and deep meaningful post.. and I echo your thoughts on many levels here with what you have said. .. I know you and I have spoken in depth before about the UCF.. and I hope as we progress through this year we will see more Unity as we join together to balance the Earth's Energies of which we have separated from in favour of materialism.

    I only this week posted a short little post about how easy it is to awaken to giving of ourselves to join in the power of UCF.. within our Consciousness.

    Lovely to be here and read your wonderful thoughts.
    Love and Blessings
    Sue x

    1. Dear Sue thank you so much! Take a look at the video I just added to this article, "Quantum Consciousness" I think you are going to get even more impressed & possibly excited. The scientist who developed the theory is turning science on it's ear! with scientifically addressing the issue of "the Human Soul" or "Consciousness of Being". I am dancing, finally science is proving what my gut has been telling me! This is just so awesome!