Friday, October 17, 2014


 Why I am Thankful, in Spite of Life's Struggles

This photo speaks so loudly of the awe I feel when I see around me at this miraculous thing we call life! 
Wow, this has been some week for me! Murphy’s Law was in effect for sure, LOL! Plus the weather change has caused me to have aggravated pain from the Fibromyalgia, a & I have been living with almost unbearable pain off & on because of my left knee which basically has no cartilage left. Also, about a month ago my right foot started hurting so much that most times I cannot fully stand on it. X-rays showed that I have developed bone spurs, which has to be removed surgically. Therefore, I am just short of needing a wheelchair to get around! So, to say the least; it has been a tougher week then usual. But, my motto still remains “Do the best I can & just press on!” Now, I did not say all that to whine or buy for sympathy; instead I shared it as a forerunner to the following...

Sometimes life can seem to be so difficult, it could be easy to just say, “I give up!” However, I cannot help but be thankful instead, as it is said, “things could be worse,” in fact, they have been much worse for me in the past. Nevertheless, I have come to such a place of peace in my life & for that, I will fight to hold on to my peace “tooth & nail!” I have learned in life, as my mom used to say, “This too shall pass,” and everything does; bad, good or otherwise, nothing of ‘this life’ is permanent.

What do I have to be thankful for? I look around me & see this beautiful miracle, “Life” it’s self is enough for me. There is love, beauty, & joy everywhere; as long as I do not loose “Peace” within myself. No, I do not close my eyes to tragedy & need in the world; instead I meet it where I stand & ask, “What can I do to help you?”  I know deep within, this is why I am here. So, where does this unexplainable peace within me come from? It is in the “knowing the Great Source” of my own power to overcome. That unconquerable “Creative Force” which lives within & around me; that which has formed all that is. It is through this Creative Force, that all good things are accomplished. This Ultimate Creative Force, has never failed me, I have seen it’s miracle power in my life through it. When my eyes were opened to this Grace, I understood the compassion, provision, & unconditional love within the shelter of the Ultimate Creative Force; unexplainable peace swept over me & filled me. This peace has never left me, it continues to sustain me, “one day at a time.” I now know, without a doubt, “Today's Glory” is enough for me. Because of peace & the confidence such peace brings, I can stand in awe of life each day; even with the trials & struggles of life, I stand without want, or fear of that which is yet to come.

TOOLS for Keeping Inner Peace & Staying Centered:

I find Yoga & Mediation together especially helpful. Any kind of "gentle stretching" will work (relaxing the body is a must for getting a positive focus). 

You must PUT YOURSELF FIRST for this time. You are important & you are worth the effort. To be the best for others & to be able to love others unconditionally, you must be kind to yourself & love yourself unconditionally first.

MY ROUTINE: Choosing the same time each day. This should be a time without phones, answering the door, & other interruptions such as family's needs & this is NOT a time for thinking about my "to do list" (so I chose the time wisely). 
    I begin a quiet reflective time with some relaxing Yoga stretching before beginning mediation time. MEDIATION TIME: Then I do some reading of positive spiritual content (I find spiritually oriented to be best) because it feeds the soul); such as positive Bible passages, Torah Psalms, Spiritual Proverbs etc. Following, I think on, or speak aloud a couple "Self-Affirmations" such as things about myself which I see as being aspects of my good character. There are Affirmation books available to help beginners, also uplifting poetry can often serve to get ones mind in a positive frame. Then I also speak aloud things I am thankful for, &/or sometimes I sing thanksgivings... Keeping things simple is best but it is important not to cut yourself short on time. One should take enough time to be relaxed, so that each step of the process brings more calm & peace of mind by the completion of this process. Some days I focus more on different aspects of my process, depending on what I need most for that day (so, meditation time can vary depending on my needs that day).

I have much more to say about this state of life for me , in fact I would like to write more on my relationship to The Creative Force, how I arrived at this place of peace & understanding with life & Creator, But, another time, another day; enough for now. 

Be happy, be blessed, & walk in your own way of peace today! 
Dolly Piper

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